Why you want Brennen as your guide: He is the co-founder of the award-winning Whipped Bakeshop in Philadelphia along with his wife, artist Zoë Lukas. In addition to his academic degrees in English and creative writing, Brennen is a proud graduate of the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Program.

Brennen’s first “AHA” moment that shifted his perspective: He has a background in national journalism, marketing and copywriting. Brennen was rocking the corporate gig until he was laid off and had to figure out his next step. It was then, dazed and jobless, that Brennen and his wife decided to start Whipped Bakeshop and take hold their own future. He has been hopelessly addicted to entrepreneurship ever since. 

What Brennen’s friends think of when they think of him: He loves to help people reach their fullest potential in business and beyond. Brennen loves poetry, cycling, skipping rope, hanging out with his three cats and cultivating his beard. The beard, like Brennen himself, is a glorious work in progress. He is a total goofball and an amazing friend.

What you don’t know about Brennen: He has a cat (one of three) named Mini-Me (from Austin Powers), who walks on a leash with Brennen most evenings. Brennen once wrote 100 haikus and believes that small changes can make a huge difference in the world. 

Entrepreneur. Writer. Smart-ass. Fitness junkie. Beacon of positivity. Beard-obsessed. Seeker of the present moment. Magic believer.