Meet GOAL MAGIC Co-Founder CYNTHIA Spitalny

Why you should want Cynthia as your guide: Cynthia is an entrepreneur, thought-leader, and business coach/mentor with 15 years experience in healthcare technology. She has built thriving 8-figure revenue channels, supported $200+ million in sales, and created the marketing strategy behind award-winning digital programs.

Cynthia’s first “AHA” moment that shifted her perspective: Cynthia left an ivy league PhD program in Immunology in her early career, realizing that she didn’t want to devote herself to mice, test tubes, and research papers. Upon leaving her PhD she freaked the f- out and eventually found her way to health tech, which was the start of Cynthia realizing that anything is possible.

How Cynthia’s friends describe her: Cynthia is dedicated to forging strong relationships and helping people grow. She’s a master vegetarian chef, loves getting her a$$ kicked when she works out and travel the world with her Sexy Latino “husband.” She is your best cheer leader. She is an explorer of life, people, experiences and places through and through.

Cynthia’s connection with Brennen: She met Brennen while more than ten years ago when she was starting her corporate career in strategy and making waves in the digital marketing world. Brennen was freelancing at the same company where she worked, and they’ve been incredible friends ever since.

Change agent. Entrepreneur. Bizspirational junkie. Health enthusiast. Funny. Smart. Equal opportunity lover of fur babies and her life partner, Ray