Add Sparkle to Your Brand

Do you have a magical brand that helps people get unstuck? Want to be part of a growing brand that just was listed as "top 10" multiple times?  


We are seeking sponsors who align with our mission! 

The GOAL MAGIC community is:

  • Educated

  • Engaged and passionate

  • Health and fitness oriented

  • Eco-conscious

  • Digitally savvy

  • Excited to try new products that they feel good about using

Never run a sponsorship on a podcast? Don't fret - we have all the details on why it works:

  • 71% of Podcast listeners visit a sponsor’s website

  • 40% purchased a product

  • 37% have used a promotional code

  • Approximately 70 million listen to podcasts

  • 67% of podcast listeners listen in their car

  • The percentage of podcast listeners has doubled since 2006 and continues to grow

Contact us to find out how we can introduce YOU to our wonderful fans!