Why I’m grateful to have lost my job... and why I want you to lose your job too

Yep, it’s official folks. I’m a corporate ex-pat and now a consultant working in the gig economy. I’ve been talking about it, thinking about it, and dreaming about what it would be like to be my own boss and, for me (most importantly), to have my FREEDOM back.

About 9 years ago I had my dream job and I LOVED what I did. The cherry on top was that my boss wanted me to work remotely and be productive wherever that happened. My mind was blown!

It also changed the game for me professionally.

All of a sudden I had more time to be me...whether that meant cooking a wonderful meal more regularly, going to yoga class, being with friends, seeing family, going food shopping at noon on a Wednesday because I could.

From then on, I decided that I wouldn’t take another job unless I was remote because it afforded me the space to have a somewhat unstructured day (which is best for my productivity and creativity). I kept that promise to myself...but working remotely all that time also meant I got to reflect on my work and life in a way I hadn’t had space for previously.

Fast forward to 2019. I’m still working remotely, and I’m now a senior leader at a small startup but I’m enjoying my work less and less. It’s feeling mundane and empty. The leaders around me aren’t teaching me anything I hadn’t already known, and so I’m not growing in the ways I thought I would be. And, on top of it all, we aren’t nailing it with sales which means the company can’t sustain itself.

I won’t bore you with all the details and (honestly) cannot talk about some of the details but let’s just say that I flagged that the company didn’t seem to be doing well and tried to have open conversations about the path forward only to be told “not to worry.” But the energy of the company shifted...I felt off...something just wasn’t right.

And that’s when my department was let go.

The first few weeks I bounced among shock, sadness, and anger. But all the while I knew that if I sat and thought too long about what happened, I could drown in my emotions and go down a dark hole. So I decided to find my path forward so that I could be income positive again.

And that’s when the juicy stuff happened for me because in that time of exploration and personal expansion, I also realized that I was FREE.

Yep, I was scared. And fearful. And sometimes still AM when I start to think about how big my dreams are but I am also really grateful to not dread work anymore and to feel free again. My time is my own. My day is mine to decide what I focus on and when. I can decide what work I’m pursuing now that I decided to use my marketing and sales skills to be a consultant and build my own practice...and that means I can say “no” to anything that doesn’t interest me or feel right, even when I’m scared because it means I’m turning away possible $$

To date, I have already won 3 consulting contracts after only being unemployed a month. I have been able to noodle on and expand our partnerships and ways that Brennen and I are developing the podcast. I have been able to grab some really impressive guests for our show who are blowing my mind, teaching me about staying in integrity with my dreams even when it’s scary, and making me smile in moments like the one that I captured and are sharing in this email.

Me and Bella.

Me and Bella.

That’s my tuxedo cat, Bella, and I snuggling after I nabbed my 3rd consulting contract and booked a major guest for our show. She’s my unofficial, and technologically un-savvy assistant...and I’m so grateful to have her presence by my side as I navigate these rocky waters.

Being let go meant that the universe cleared space for all this to happen and I’m trusting that it has more amazing stuff in store for me that perhaps my small human brain could not comprehend but that the universal energy sees and knows and is winking at me as it’s doing its thang. I’m trusting that the universe is lifting me up and supporting my dreams of being an entrepreneur, working the gig economy, and making sure that I’m taken care of.

How do I know? I don’t really - it’s just a gut feeling full of sparkliness and butterflies that I feel from time to time when I realize that with each call, and email, and connection that I’m somehow making it all happen. I don’t feel those butterflies all the time but I feel them enough to know that I’m onto something.

Folks, I’m grateful to have lost my job. And while I never want anyone to suffer, I want others to lose their job for the space that it opens up to be creative and get clear on what you really, really want so that you can GO FOR IT!

Here’s to Getting Unstuck,