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How LONG are you willing to be stuck?

Have you ever asked yourself how long you’re willing to have a pity party and celebrate your stuck-ness?

No? Well…go ahead and ask yourself: Hi Me, how long am I willing to hang at this sad party celebrating….me being stuck??

What did you hear? One more day? One more week?

Or maybe you heard, “Not one more minute, I am getting unstuck NOW so I can live the life that I WANT”

The truth is - if YOU don’t take responsibility and then take action, consistently and everyday, where you have committed to a path so that you can get unstuck and feel free, then the problem will keep circling back.

So why not get some help from people who have been there, done that, have spoken to thousands of people about how they got unstuck in their lives and also masterfully help thousands get unstuck every month?

Who are these people, you ask? Well, it’s us - Brennen and Cynthia, duh ;)

We have masterfully put together 3 packages for people of all levels of stuck-ness and finances

We all like to try the free food samples at Costco, we know…which is why your first introductory session is FREE regardless of which package you choose.

  • FREE 30 minute introductory discussion

  • 1 hour coaching with both Cynthia and Brennen

  • 6 weeks, 1 hour/week - Weekly coaching to support you with whatever you need to jumpstart your business idea, your next life chapter, or even life transition

  • 3 months, 1 hour/week - Intended to be a 12 week intensive where we teach you how to KILL it taking your next steps and helping you start your new chapter. We will also customize a Freedom Map for you, which serves as your life and business plan to keep you on track

Ready to find your groove in life? We thought so ;) Use the contact form to give us a shout and let’s kick the stuck out of you

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