EP 02: Harnessing the Power of Small Gestures to Make Some Magic


This episode is all about the little things... the easy stuff that we all can do to strengthen our relationships and spread joy to the people we care about. Things that cost us almost nothing, but mean the world to the recipient. Things we sometimes forget to do. 

The best small gestures let someone know: "I see you and I appreciate you."

Cynthia and I came up with this list of small gestures that you can try today. Take a look while you give the episode a listen, and let us know if you think of some more tiny gestures!  

  • Leave a note on a co-worker's keyboard letting them know they did a great job on a project 
  • Leave a supportive, positive comment on a lonely blog post that inspires you
  • Text a funny animated .gif to someone who's down in the dumps
  • Look your cashier in the eye and smile
  • Call your mom
  • Ask your dad for advice
  • Do a household chore that your partner hates doing 
  • Make someone breakfast in bed (even if it's just cereal or a bagel)
  • Write "I love you" on a mirror
  • Ask a friend if they need a hug
  • Tell someone you miss them
  • Every time you think of someone, let them know (they may not realize you think of them) 
  • Open the car door for your passenger
  • Take a stressful task off someone's plate
  • Ask a friend for help with a problem (people love to feel needed)
  • Call someone out of the blue
  • Shovel your neighbor's driveway
  • Let someone else shine bright
  • Wave at a stranger who lets you merge into traffic
  • Keep small bills in your pocket and car to give to homeless people 
  • If someone made something cool, make sure they know you think it's cool
  • Ask someone how they're really doing and listen as hard as you can
  • Send someone a link to a song you think they'd like
  • Say you're sorry
  • Say thank you
  • Say I miss you
  • Say I love you

Keep it Magical,
Brennen & Cynthia

Intro Music: We are One by Vexento
We Are One by Vexento
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Outro music: Nostalgia by Tobu