EP 14: Getting Unstuck With Life Coach Jennifer Blaine

Jennifer Blaine

Jennifer Blaine

I am delighted to share an interview I recorded with my dear friend and life coach Jennifer Blaine. Jennifer and I had talked back in episode 3 of our podcast but in this one, Jennifer and I talk specifically about how you can start to get unstuck. We discuss how to figure out what moves you spiritually and emotionally, and how identifying that can help direct your energy towards getting unstuck. 

We covered the following topics:

  • We are always in transition
  • Most people are searching for their life's work, "the big thing"
  • The power of literally saying hmmmm when you feel stuck
  • How you can experiment in real-time to see what you like and what you don't like so you can do more of what's working 
  • Things take as long as they take when it comes to emotional healing or dealing with tragedy
  • It helps to write down the things you love so much that you wish they could be your job
  • Even before we know what "the big thing" is, we can still make an intention of some kind 
  • How we are when we're on the way to a goal is how we'll be when we reach the goal
  • Always be in gratitude or appreciation as you work toward goals
  • Make the intention to listen to yourself
  • You can get clues to your "big thing" by watching other people and getting inspired by them AND by noticing a rising energy in yourself when you think of a certain undertaking or path
If we’re living a life where we’re actually honoring our feelings and our integrity, then we become the space that we can actually hear those messages that come more like a feather and a whisper and then pursue them, take action on them and over time it builds so that over time we can create something that truly feels satisfying.
— Jennifer Blaine







Here's to Getting Unstuck,

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We Are One by Vexento
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