EP 13: You Have to Love Yourself

A photo taken by someone who loves me. 

A photo taken by someone who loves me. 

In this episode, Cynthia and I chatted about the idea of loving yourself in order to get unstuck. It sounds like a goofy idea, but if you think about it, self-love is the foundation of positive change.

This week, we shared stories of different friends who have been feeling stuck. Cynthia also opened up about how a cancer diagnosis back in her 20's made her slow down and take stock. Our chat was free-flowing and we touched on these main ideas:

  • The benefits of slowing down and not always striving for perfection
  • The power of yoga to heal the body and slow things down (Brennen recommends Blissology
  • Sometimes you have to start a project before you really know what it's going to feel like
  • The true cost of sticking with a toxic job
  • How out-of-control lifestyle expenses can chain you to a bad job
  • How loving yourself is totally different from having an inflated ego
  • Why it's ok (REALLY) to want a better life for yourself

We hope you enjoy this episode! If you have a free minute, please email goalmagicpodcast AT gmail.com and let us know YOUR biggest challenge in getting unstuck. Even one sentence would be awesome. It helps us develop new topics for the podcast!

Here's to Getting Unstuck,

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We Are One by Vexento
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