EP 29: Lisa Lord on How Millennials are Changing Our World for the Better, Part 1

Lisa Lord

Lisa Lord

Hey everyone and welcome to the GOAL MAGIC podcast, where it’s our mission to get you unstuck. Today I got to interview Lisa Lord. If you may not recall or hadn’t heard heard, I interviewed Lisa a few months ago  about her transition from corporate into professional coaching. Lisa and I chat about millennials and where her fascination with them came from, as well as how she is rocking the corporate world by changing the conversation about Millennials. I was really surprised to hear what Lisa uncovered about Millennials and their self-expectations.

Since there was so much to talk about, we split this episode into two parts. Here's the first part!

Top Takeaways from my interview with Lisa:

  • Instead of learning how to “manage” Millennials, corporate needs to learn to better tap into their talents as a more efficient way to use their resources

  • Millennials are able to focus on doing something they’re passionate about because, like Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, so many of our needs are met AND there are a plethora of options to make money...which means Millennials can have the option to decide where they spend their professional energy and can craft a life on their own terms

  • Millennials have a lot of self expectations, driven from their use of technology, from things being “on-demand” and from their parents telling them “they can do anything” (which ended up being self-defeating because there are *so* many choices!)

  • Millennials are going to change our society and especially corporate in so many positive ways - it’s corporate’s responsibility to harness that energy and talent

Connect with Lisa: 

Here's to Getting Unstuck,

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