EP 55: Using the Breath to Tap into Our Deepest Selves, with Michelle D’Avella

Michelle D’Avella

Michelle D’Avella

We have a wonderful episode for you this week, featuring breathwork expert Michelle D’Avella. You’ll get to hear her story of getting unstuck and overcoming problems that she had buried deep inside. If you’ve never tried breathwork, then this is your lucky day, because Michelle leads on a wonderful session toward the end of the interview. Please note: Do not follow along with the guided breathwork if you are driving or operating machinery. It should only be done safely at home, preferably reclining. With that said, please enjoy the episode!

About Michelle:

Michelle D’Avella is an author, certified breathwork facilitator, and spiritual mentor. She helps her clients empower themselves to heal their emotions and transform painful experiences into valuable life lessons. Michelle is an advocate for showing up for yourself, honoring the healing process, and creating a soul-fueled life. She has been featured in W Magazine, MyDomaine, Covetuer, and more. Learn more about Michelle and her work at pushingbeauty.com and follow her on Instagram for daily doses of inspiration.

Connect with Michelle:

Here’s to Getting Unstuck,

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