EP 50: How Social Selling Can Help Your Business with Jock Breitwieser


If you’ve ever wondered what it really takes to use social media to help you sell your products or services, then we have a real treat for you. Jock Breitwieser is here today to explain what we all get wrong about social selling, and how to fix it.

About Jock

With 20+ years of international communications expertise in agencies and in-house experience, Jock Breitwieser is an expert in Marketing Communications and Public Relations, Analyst Relations, Social Media and Social Selling, Crisis Communications Corporate Communications, Messaging and Positioning.

Throughout his career, Jock worked in agencies and in-house to run global marketing programs that deliver business results. He is currently based in Silicon Valley, California.

Since 2013, Jock has been very involved in digital media and social media marketing. For his clients, he achieved multiple $100k in revenue through social selling and most recently founded www.SocialSellinator.com to help businesses and sales teams recognize and leverage the power of social media for business. In 2017, he was named one of the Top 100 social selling influencers.

He holds an M.A. in contemporary history, law and political sciences and studied in Tours/France with a scholarship from the European Union. In his spare time, Jock enjoys international travel and competes in Triathlons.

  • Jock got into social selling after seeing how effective using social media could be in helping forge relationships for the sales teams he was supporting in corporate

  • Jock saw their success rate increase significantly and their revenue increase and realized he was onto something

  • Jock uses social selling and has helped sell hundreds of thousands in revenue for businesses he works with

  • Using hashtags is a great way to help make your content searchable

  • Jock believes that putting value first - offering though leadership, educational info, and other types of assets that add value to your buyers is the best way to start selling using social

Connect with Jock:

Email: jock@socialsellinator.com
Phone number: 408-800-5625 [JOCK]

Here’s to Getting Unstuck,

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EP 49: Setting Up Your Spaces for Success

Brennen & Oliver the Misbehaving Cat

Brennen & Oliver the Misbehaving Cat

In this light and fun episode, Cynthia and I catch up and have a freewheeling conversation around the idea of designing our living and working spaces to create success. Along the way, we also talked about misbehaving animals, work-at-home fashion, cleaning for couples and why it’s bad to beat yourself up when you skip a daily habit. Whew! There’s a lot of good stuff here and some giggles too. We hope this episode brightens your day and helps you get unstuck, at least a little bit.


EP 48: Bonnibelle Chukwuneta on Learning to Grow in the Face of Disappointment

I am honored to share this lovely interview with my new friend Bonnibelle! She has a fantastic story and lots of inspiration for all of us, so please enjoy!

Bonnibelle Chukwuneta

Bonnibelle Chukwuneta

Bonnibelle Chukwuneta (Bonnie) was born and raised in California by Nigerian immigrants and is the eldest of four. She was raised in a fairly traditional home and grew up around sports (soccer, basketball, and volleyball) and stern reminders of the importance of academic excellence. She went to college, planning on becoming a nurse or doctor as many Nigerian parents want for their children, but it wasn't for her. Bonnie changed majors to French and got a job to gain work experience and independence. Within months, she was in her own apartment and living independently. She worked her way up the company to supervisory roles and took a job relocation opportunity to St. Pete, FL to expand a growing company within two years.

Bonnie excelled for nearly three years, ultimately becoming the operations manager. Due to unforeseen circumstances, she ended up leaving corporate and has since started blogging (a passion for her) about St Petersburg, FL, which you can check out at belleintheburg.com.

Bonnibelle’s goal is to be self-sufficient, be her own boss, and travel the world. Thankfully, it's 2019 and that goal is attainable now more than ever.

Connect with Bonnibelle:

Here’s to Getting Unstuck,

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EP 47: Finding Peace & Presence After the Pain, with Biet Simkin

Biet Simkin.png

This week we have a total rockstar guest for you: Biet Simkin! Biet has an incredible story of trauma, discovery and growth and we totally bonded during this interview. I felt like we’d been lifelong friends, and hopefully you will too.

Please note that there is some adult language and content in the episode, so please put headphones on if there are sensitive ears nearby. Also, Biet leads us in a gorgeous meditation (complete with her original music) towards the end of the recording. If you’re listening while driving or operating machinery, you must pause the interview at that point and only participate in the meditation when you are in a safe place.

About Biet

Biet Simkin is the Founder of Center of the Cyclone, an immersive experience that weaves meditation, self inquiry, art, music and fashion, offering an explosive experience. She is inspired by the rare and almost impossible task of entering into the present moment and creates this experience globally. After 30 years of study in the field Biet’s feeling was that the world of the intellect, fashion and art needed spirituality, and the world of spirituality was often missing the mark and needed some vanity and fire. Colliding these two worlds, Biet has created events with MoMA, Lululemon, SoulCycle, Summit Series, Vice, Free People, Sundance Film Festival, Bonnaroo Festival, Soho House, Mind Body Green, 1 Hotels, Neuehouse, Wanderlust Festival, Adidas, Samsung, Sony and more.

Currently Biet has a book about the laws of meditation entitled "Don't Just Sit There!" to be released in Spring of 2019 with Simon & Schuster. She is the resident and in-house Meditation Leader at all 1 Hotels with in-room content across all properties. Biet is also the voice of Expectful, a meditation app for pregnant expecting mothers. Meditation with Biet is different in that it is more emotional, her work takes you through the emotional, intellectual, instinctive and moving centers to get to a place of equanimity and joy. Through private one on ones, corporate groups, parties, speaking engagements and pop-ups in museums and art galleries, Biet is bringing this big work into the world and helping raise consciousness from the outside in. Her work is also unique as it is bringing the sound of her music into the meditation experiences and giving music a new venue. Her latest album ‘The Lunar’ debuted September 2015. Her work has been featured in Harper’s Bazaar, ELLE, Vogue, The Observer, TIME Magazine, Forbes, The London Times and more!

My favorite moments and takeaways from our conversation:

  • Biet grew up unconventionally - a child of Russian Jews who fled their communist country, Biet was their “freedom child”

  • Biet’s father was a spiritual teacher so spirituality was something Biet grew up around

  • Biet went on to live an unconventional life as well when she pursued a music career - it was very much sex, drugs, rock and roll for Biet

  • During her time as a musician, Biet used alcohol and later harder drugs to get into a spiritual space, as her life actually felt very empty

  • The deaths of family members, and particularly her father, escalated a life change for Biet that made her re-evaluate her path

  • Biet felt that the universe was asking her to continue her father’s work as a spiritual teacher….and so she did

  • In the beginning, Biet was working random side jobs for cash while she asked friends if anyone wanted to be coached/guided by her and to just “pay what they want to pay her” as a means to start her work as a spiritual teacher

  • Eventually, Biet was hosting spiritual events at well known places like Art Basel, Sundance Film Festival, Soul Cycle, and with brands like Adidas, Sony, Samsung

  • Biet recently had a baby girl, which brought with it its own challenges, but she is loving motherhood so far

  • Biet’s has a new book, “Don’t Just Sit There!” is to be released this spring

  • Biet is also seeking new coaching clients

Connect with Biet:

Here’s to Getting Unstuck,

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EP 46: Getting Lit Up: How a Passion for Cartooning Became a Career with Adam Staffaroni

Adam Staffaroni

Adam Staffaroni

After a lovely break for the holidays, we are back for our first episode of 2019! This week, we have Adam Staffaroni, who actually went to school with me when I was growing up. Small world! Adam’s company, Einhorn’s Epic Productions, has launched a brand new scripted mystery podcast called Lethal Lit, which has been a smash hit and was recently featured in the New York Times. I was so impressed by Lethal Lit that I just had to get Adam on the show to find out his story. It turns out he had a very inspiring one! I hope you enjoy this episode, because it’s all about following your dreams.

About Adam Staffaroni

Adam is the co-founder & chief creative officer of Einhorn’s Epic Productions, leading new IP (intellectual property) development for the company. Previously, Adam was the senior editor in charge of the Roar imprint at Lion Forge Entertainment, where he developed new IP for the children's and teen markets while also managing notable titles including Saved by the Bell, Punky Brewster, Care Bears, and Madballs. Prior to Lion forge, Adam relocated to Los Angeles to launch the Kaboom! imprint at Boom! Studios, where he was responsible for the Adventure Time and Peanuts programs as well as projects with New Yorker cartoonist Shannon Wheeler and acclaimed musicians Coheed & Cambria and Daniel Johnston. Adam began his career in the licensing group at DC Entertainment after earning his AB from Dartmouth College and his MFA from the Center for Cartoon Studies.

Connect with Adam

Here’s to Getting Unstuck,

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